Amadeus Cruise 4.3 Update

Published on: Oct 26 2011 by Administrator

Amadeus Cruise 4.3 will bring you additional enhancements to improve the booking flow for Royal Caribbean International. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara have a new interface to their reservation system that will affect how certain functionality is supported in Amadeus Cruise.

The changes will be delivered in phases:

  • October 25, 2011 for Royal Caribbean International (RCC)
  • October 27, 2011 for Celebrity Cruises (CEL) and Azamara Club Cruises (AZA)

In order to benefit from these enhancements you must be upgraded to the latest version of Amadeus Cruise (4.3).  If for any reason you have not yet downloaded this new and free version of Amadeus Cruise, please do so by running an update, via the Amadeus Automatic Update tool.

The following changes will take place for all Royal Caribbean International brands (RCC, CEL, AZA):

 Fast Sell

  • Fast Sell response- you will now be directed to the right area of the booking flow if a selected Fast Sell criteria is not available. Example: If chosen cabin is not available, you will be directed to the cabin availability screen (previously would have just received and error pop-up box)
  • Fast Sell Occupancy – room occupancy will only be taken into account on the Booking Details page
  • Sailing duration – you will no longer be required to enter information in this field

Booking Summary

  • Special Services – if a fee is attached to a special service you will not see the price until End Of Transaction (EOT), but you will receive a warning that a potential fee exists
  • Pre-Paid Gratuities – this will now be displayed on the pricing screen
  • Payment – multi-type payments can be added after EOT of the booking
  • Passport Information – you are not required to add this information as it will be collected by the cruise line directly
  • Email – edocs – There are two address values – edocs and passenger. Only one will be sent to the cruise line. The passenger email will be ignored
  • Address field – there are 2 lines for the address but cruise lines will only read the first line.
  • Guest occupation – will no longer be needed
  • Dining age group – age group will be automatically taken from the passengers details
  • Option Date Extension – with the new system this can be done via a free flow text that says EXTEND OPTION. After the text has been added, the new option can be viewed by retrieving the booking.

Functionality that will no longer be supported:

  • Bed configuration
  • Product Information
  • Category Description
  • Ability to compare 2 fares side by side
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