easyJet Enhancements

Published on: Nov 26 2012 by Caroline Jones

From the 27th November Amadeus customers will be able to:

  • Display an easyJet seat map and book allocated seats on all routes. Booking of seats will be chargeable except for upfront and  standard seats for Flexi Fare Customers.  All types of seats are free of charge for EjPlus (easyJet Plus) card holders.
  • Enter the travellers EjPlus card number into the booking using the FFN entry to enable no charges to be quoted once a seat has been booked. Eg FFNU2-123456789
  • No longer book speedy boarding as this will be decommissioned from this date but priority boarding will still go to  passengers purchasing extra legroom and upfront seats, Flexi Fare Customers and EjPlus cardholders.
  • Price all bookings and show direct airline availability (AW) displays in the currency of the Office ID that the pricing is done it


UK Office ID

  • See an approval code appended to all Form of Payment element where a credit card number has been entered.  This will appear when the PNR has been ended: FPCCVIXXXXXXXXXXXX1111/0916/N503112.


For further information please refer to GGAIRU2.

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