Latest Amadeus e-Travel Management service pack delivers Hotel Billback functionality

Published on: Jun 26 2014 by Simon Taylor




Version 17.1 SP1 of Amadeus e-Travel Management has just been released and with it comes an exciting addition to your self booking tool – Amadeus Hotel Billback.


Powered by our partner Conferma, Amadeus Hotel Billback was first introduced for Amadeus Selling Platform users in order to facilitate ‘billback’ for reservations made in Amadeus.  With this enhancement, travellers and travel arrangers will now be able to use ‘Billback’ as a new form of payment for Amadeus GDS hotel bookings directly in Amadeus e-Travel Management.  We’ve created Amadeus Hotel Billback to simplify the process of paying for travellers’ accommodation and to save business travel managers and hotel booking agents time by completely automating payments.  The solution allows a direct payment to be made between a company or travel agency and the hotel using a secure virtual credit card.  This way, the hotel simply bills the card, not the traveller.


Our partnership with Conferma, the leading provider of reconciliation and settlement software in the UK, means trusted technology eliminates the need for the business travel manager or hotel booking agent to contact the hotel directly when making a payment.  Most importantly, this solution is simple to use and secure, whether you’re implementing the new functionality in Amadeus e-Travel Management or using our offline process within Amadeus Selling Platform.  After all, we’re helping you to handle and protect highly sensitive data – unlike traditional billback methods, there’s no need to take any chances, like photocopying a real credit card to send across the world for processing.  The whole process has been designed to reduce risks and limit fraud at each stop of the process.


How does Amadeus Hotel Billback work?

Firstly, we’ve integrated Amadeus booking technology with a tried and tested virtual settlement technology from Conferma.  Their technology is already used across the globe in key business travel markets.

For the traveller or travel arranger, there’s no real change within Amadeus e-Travel Management.  The user simply searches for their preferred hotel as normal and when ready to book, they will see a new method of payment appear to instruct billback to take place.  Similarly, a business travel manager or hotel booking agent can complete a billback reservation for a customers forthcoming business trip in the normal Amadeus reservations environment.  No need to get used to a new interface.  You continue to use the same, familiar booking display.

Behind the scenes, the request is received and validated, and for complete security, a virtual credit card is created in co-operation with the relevant credit card company.  From increased customer choice, Amadeus Hotel Billback is compatible with a wide range of card providers including Barclaycard, American Express as well as business travel payment solution AirPlus.


What happens next?

Once the booking is completed, the virtual credit card number is placed immediately into the hotel booking as a guarantee, and sent to the hotel chain for processing.  The number, partially concealed for security, is then subject to normal checks.  To make sure the process really is seamless, we’ll even make sure that the booking details arrive with detailed instructions on how to handle a virtual credit card.  Back in the Amadeus PNR we add billback information to your hotel booking as well as to travel documents and invoices.


Full details and release notes covering the 17.1 SP1 release are available on the AeTM Community website for all AeTM administrators (UK only) by clicking here.

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