New Functionality on easyJet Coming this March!

Published on: Mar 11 2014 by Caroline Jones

Good news is on the way on the easyJet booking  front on Amadeus.

As you will know from our previous postings on this site that we have already launched a ‘Light Ticketing’ solution to bring the easyJet booking flow on Amadeus in line with that of the legacy carrier PNRs.

We are pleased to advise that further improvements to the easyJet booking process are being introduced on the 12th and 13th March 2014.

These include a simplified Service Changer re-pricing entry, the introduction of a displayable catalogue of services and the ability to make flight segment changes using the short cut SB (Should Be) cryptic entry.

Amadeus Service Changer – 12th March

Service Changer pricing entries (confirmed FXQ/EMD and informative FXF/EMD) have been improved. The default behaviour now automatically re-associates services of your PNR with corresponding ticketing elements.



fxq_emd 2

Steps to perform a change to a flight and a service on :

1. Make the appropriate itinerary e.g. book new flight cancel original

2.  For bookings rebook any deleted services for the new sector such as baggage/seats

3. Prepare itinerary for reissue

4. Update Form of Payment for flights

5. Prepare ancillary services for reissue.  As mentioned FXQ/EMD will do all the calculations for you

6. Update Form of Payments for any resulting TQMs

7. Issue itinerary and services at the same time specifying any TQM numbers

SB Change Entry – 13th March

From the 13th March the rebook entry SB will be available to use.

After initial issuance, you can easily rebook a segment using the SB entry. You must specify the information to be modified (flight number, date or class) along with the targeted segment.

Please note the following SB entries can be used:

SB10DEC1                                         This is to change segment 1 to the 10DEC

SBU28359*Y10APR4                 This is to change segment 4 to the 10th Apr on flight number U28359.

You cannot mix booking classes.




User Guides are available on e-Support.

For any functional queries please contact the Help Desk.

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