Secure Flight Passenger Data

Published on: Oct 11 2010 by Caroline Jones

Airlines originally had the responsibility of watchlist matching for all passengers flying within, to or from the US.  This has now been transferred to the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) who have named this Secure Flight Passenger Data.

Secure flight is not a replacement of APIS (Advance Passenger Information System).

From the 1st November all passenger data information will be mandatory for all passengers flying to, from or within the United States or on any flight operated by an American carrier.

Airlines may require to inhibit ticketing if mandatory data is missing also for non-US Customers (issuing on BSP) from November 1st, 2010.

This means that the operating carriers have to send US authorities the secure flight passenger data 72 hours prior to departure (or immediately for bookings created within 72 hours).

Please click here for further information as this may affect you.

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