Who do I have flying from a particular airport?

Published on: May 11 2010 by Nigel Webster

The closure of parts of the European air space seems set to continue whilst the Eyjafjallajokull volcano continues to erupt.  If you need to find out who you have due to depart a particular airport or indeed a country then the LPO entry will help you.  See HE LPO for full details of all the options available. 

For example, to find out the all PNR’s with an off point in Ireland for 11th May and place to queue the entry is – 


(The queue must be empty, create a new queue if needed) And to find all PNR’s that have Ireland as a boardpoint for 11 may, again placing on queue 25 


(The queue must be empty, create a new queue if needed)Please note that the system does not currently search GK or PK status, this will be enhanced soon to include these status and the date will be advised via this blog.

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