6 is a perfect number for our latest version release of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Published on: Nov 29 2017 by Neil Canning

According to the followers of the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras, the number 6 is the first perfect number.

What is a perfect number you may ask?

Yes I was scratching my head on this one too.  Maths has never been my strongest suit.

So I discovered if you can add all the positive divisors of the number (except itself), and the result is the number itself, then you have a perfect number.

1+2+3 = 6


Selling Platform Connect Version 20.6

For Amadeus Selling Platform Connect our perfect number right now is 20.6.

This being our sixth version release of our next generation booking and fulfilment platform tool this year alone.

In fact we will be looking to make six new releases every year.

And being browser based this means you will always have the latest version at your finger tips

How perfect is that?

Highlights of the this release

Click on the link for the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect 20.6 functional release notes located on the Amadeus Service Hub

Quality Monitor

  • Over 30 new variables now available making quality assurance of bookings even easier to manage

All Fares / Merchandising

  • New button to access seats and services catalogue from the All Fares booking flow making personalising your client’s journey even quicker.


  • Improved refunds pop-up with a single save changes option.
  • Simplified input of percentage or set amount refund values

Rail Display

For those of you who have permissions in place to sell Swedish Rail this release will enable:

  • Application of senior citizen passenger type
  • SAS Eurobonus frequent flyer card acceptance
  • Seat maps on SJ, Snälltåget and Öresundståg

Amadeus Agency Manager

For those customers using our back office accounting solution called AGM (Amadeus Agency Manager) only we have a couple of smart new features which can be activated to display in the Quality Monitor section of Selling Platform Connect too:

  • A prompt to collect hotel savings in a format AGM can report from
  • Warning when a customer’s credit limit is about to be or has been reached

Would you like to know more about Amadeus Selling Platform Connect?

If you are not already using Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and would like to know how it could help you perfect your way through the booking process then click here to see what Amadeus Selling Platform Connect could do for you today.


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