Air Serbia (JU) now adds Fare families on Amadeus

Published on: Jan 24 2018 by Stuart Oxby

Back in November last year we advised that Air Serbia had launched ancillary services on Amadeus.  Now, as part of it enhanced service package, Air Serbia has launched fare families on Amadeus.

What does this mean for you as the Travel Agent?

The introduction of fare families by Air Serbia allows you as agents to further personalise the traveller experience. You now have easy access to transparent and clear air content, so are able to see the services included in different fare families, the optional charged services, the fare conditions at the time of pricing and the upsell fare families’ options.

What fare families are available?

Air Serbia has initially made 4 fare families available as below. All or specific fare families are available on flights within Europe and between Europe and Beirut, Tel Aviv. These services are solely available on flights that are JU marketed AND operated using 115 (JU) ticket stock.

Different fare families have different services included so will vary on such things as Advance seat selection, Hold luggage. Meals, Changes for a fee, Refunds, upgrade eligibility, Fast Track, Priority Boarding, Lounge access and more.

Useful Cryptic Commands
/FF – to display fare family names in a specific city pair e.g. FQDLHRBEG/01MAY/AJU/R,UP/FF
‘FXY’ – to show fare family upsell options on your itinerary
‘FXU3’ – to upsell your flights to fare family proposition 3 in the upsell list
‘FQF2’ – to display fare family description on proposition 2 in the upsell list
FXB/FF-YL – To request a fare family (in this example ‘YL’) in pricing

For further information why not look at the Amadeus Help Pages = HE FARE FAMILIES

Fare Families are also available in the Graphic display and through Amadeus Web Services

Additional Information
To learn more and view short videos on how to book fare families in Graphic or Cryptic, then please look here at our MERCHANDISING MICROSITE which is dedicated to getting the best out of merchandising for agents.

If you have any further queries, please do contact your Amadeus Account Manager

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