Alitalia launches Fare families on Amadeus

Published on: Nov 15 2017 by Stuart Oxby

Amadeus is pleased to announce that Alitalia has now launched fare families on Amadeus across a range of routes including from the UK.

Alitalia Fare families
Airline fare families in Amadeus allow the packaging of booking classes, fares and services into branded products. Each product is associated to a name and description that reflects its attributes.

To this end, Alitalia has now launched fare families on its UK to Italy routes, domestic Italian routes and specific medium long-haul routes. The fare families on offer vary by routes but include such families as Promo Light, Economy Classic, Business Flex and more

What does this mean for you as the Travel Agent?
The introduction of fare families by Alitalia allows travel agencies to further personalise the traveller experience. Travel agents have easy access to transparent and clear air content, so are able to see the services included in different fare families, the optional charged services, the fare conditions at the time of pricing and the upsell fare families’ options.

Alitalia fare families on Amadeus help travel agents to make informed decisions for their customers, offer better customer service and create additional revenue opportunities through your own mark ups and service fees for you as travel agents when upselling.

Further information and the Amadeus Merchandising Microsite;

Please look at our MERCHANDISING MICROSITE here to see further information about fare families and additional merchandising information for travel agents in general such as;

• Cryptic entries on adding bags for a specific airline
• Short videos on how to book fare families in Cryptic or seats from the Seats and Services catalogue in Graphic
• To see what airline offers what ancillary services
• Download quickcards on ancillary services
• Latest news on which airline has introduced ancillary services
• Learn more about what airline fare families are.

For further information on Amadeus Fare Families in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect please click here or see “HE Fare Families” on the help pages.

For any further questions you may have, please feel free to contact your Amadeus Account Managers

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