Amadeus Light Ticketing – New billing address mandatory option codes (AB element) for EasyJet (U2)

Published on: Oct 31 2017 by Stuart Oxby

Please see below for new requirements if entering a billing address on Easyjet (U2) bookings

When entering a billing address (AB element) in a PNR, some option codes are now mandatory for EasyJet (U2) bookings.
If these options are not entered, combined issuance (TTP/TTM entry) or ancillary service stand-alone issuance (TTM entry) is rejected.
Note that a PNR can still be issued without AB element.

Further Information
For detailed information please see our support document which is available on the Amadeus Service Hub (ASH) here

Light Ticketing
For more information about how to book a Light Ticketing carrier, please consult our help pages GGAIRXX (replace XX with airline code) or refer to the interactive demo available here



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