Atlantic Joint Business Carriers introduce Unbundled Economy Fares on selected Europe to North America routes

Published on: Mar 05 2018 by Stuart Oxby

It has been announced that from April 2018 the Atlantic Joint Business (AJB) carriers of American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Finnair will introduce unbundled Economy fares for sale on selected routes between Europe to North America (and vice versa).

Routes and travel dates will be confirmed on the launch date.

Unbundled Fares
Key Information on unbundled fares:
– For American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia this fare family will be called “Basic”. For Finnair this fare family will be called “Light”.
– These fares will not include checked baggage*.
– These fares will not include free seat selection*
– These fares are Non Refundable
– Customers travelling on these fares will be assigned to the final boarding group*

*the ability to add checked bags to this fare, pay for seating or be part of a different boarding group may vary between the carriers depending on their individual policies.

“Basic/Light” fares, when available will price as the default fare in the applicable booking class. On the routes where these unbundled fares are available, fare family codes will need to be used in the pricing entries to access upsell fare families in the same booking class. Agents who do not currently have access to Amadeus fare families should contact their Amadeus Account Manager.

In order to access and upsell to fares where baggage is included, agents using Amadeus web services  will need to develop against Amadeus Airline Fare Families. This will enable agents to obtain all the upsell options available for a selected set of flights along with the fare family descriptive text.

“Basic/Light” fares, in addition to fare family codes, can also be identified through the fare basis code (the letter ‘B’ in the 7th position) as well as the fare Type Code (EOU/ERU).

“Basic/Light” fares will not be available on net fares, corporate deals or when booking groups.

Bundled Fares
Customers will be able to upsell from the unbundled fares of “Basic/Light” to bundled Fares which include checked baggage and seat selection. These fares are called “Main” on American Airlines, “Standard” on British Airways and Finnair and “Optima” on Iberia. Agents who do not currently have access to Amadeus fare families should contact their Amadeus Account Manager.

For further information on the specifics of these unbundled fares, please contact the relevant airlines.

For further information on Amadeus fare families, please contact your Amadeus Account Manager.


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