Atlasglobal (KK) launch ancillary services on Amadeus

Published on: Sep 07 2017 by Stuart Oxby

Continuing the trend of growing ancillary services available on Amadeus, we are pleased to announce that Atlasglobal (KK) have introduced ancillary services on their flight programme within Amadeus.

This came into effect on the 25th August and now allows you to offer bags, meals, pets in cabin and wheelchair options as paid ancillary services to your customers. These can be accessed through the Amadeus Seats and Services Catalogue in Cryptic or Graphic as part of your normal booking flow.


Further information and the new Merchandising website

For further information on the Atlasglobal ancillary services please see the Atlasglobal ancillary services policy document on the Amadeus Service Hub here

For further information about merchandising, such as;

  • Cryptic entries on adding bags,seats, pets etc for a specific airline
  • Short videos on how to book fare families in Graphic or Cryptic
  • To see which airline offers which ancillary services, fare families or rich content
  • Download merchandising quickcards
  • Find the latest news on which airline has introduced ancillary services,
  • Learn more about what airline fare families are and much more.

Then please look at our NEW MERCHANDISING MICROSITE dedicated to getting the best out of merchandising for agents here

For further information on Amadeus Ancillary Services and the benefits for you as Travel Agents please click here

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact your Amadeus Account Managers.


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