CheckMyTrip – Security upgrade

Published on: Mar 14 2017 by Gaelle Dehors

CheckMyTrip is designed for travellers to directly access and self-manage their itineraries via mobile and desktop devices.

Amadeus is committed to maintaining secure and reliable access to our systems and data. From time to time, advances in technology require additional security layers to be implemented in order to continuously protect privacy for users.  Accordingly, is updating its policies and procedures that will change the method of traveller access to the site and itinerary information.

The update will go into effect on Wednesday, 15-MARCH, 2017.

What is included in the update:

  • Guest access will now be disabled – the “deep link” directly to the platform will stop working
  • ALL users of CheckMyTrip will need to register and, once logged in, use FULL (first and last) name in order to access their itinerary information.

This enhanced approach creates a stronger level of user authentication to protect traveller privacy.

If you were using a “deep link” directly to the platform within your post-sale communications that enable travellers to access their specific individual itinerary information in, you can find a proposal for a communication to travellers here.

For any questions, please check the FAQ document here first. If you do not find your answer, you can contact your Account Manager or open an case if it is to report an incident.

If you would like to access the traveller’s itinerary details online and/or you are interested in establishing a mobile platform to service travellers with your agency’s brand, please contact your Amadeus representative to learn more about the alternative solutions we have available to meet your needs.

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