Dust off your driving gloves for Amadeus Cars Plus Facebook game!

Published on: Feb 21 2011 by Administrator

Do you have a need for speed, a desire to travel the world and an urge to compete with your friends?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you’ll be interested in the Amadeus Cars Plus Facebook game.

The game takes players on a whistle-stop tour of the globe as the micro-sized cars race across five tracks taking them from Paris to Dubai, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and New York.

So get polishing your handbrake turn, perfecting acceleration out of a corner and brushing up on your overall racing skills.

The game has been created around Amadeus Cars Plus our dedicated car booking platform for travel agencies which combines the power of a professional tool with the simplicity of a consumer website.

While you’re on Facebook, why not head over to the Amadeus Page and ‘like’ us for more news and details?

You can find us at www.facebook.com/AmadeusUK while for full details of the game and the monthly competition visit http://apps.facebook.com/amadeuscarsplusgame – see you over there!


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