FareXpert Markup and Distribution module – Changes to the selection page.

Published on: Jun 08 2018 by Stuart Oxby

With immediate effect, the selection process of the FareXpert Markup and Distribution module has been simplified.
Until today a three step procedure was required in order to select the selling record to be updated. With this new enhancement, a dynamic table will be displayed so allowing agents to find several selling records at once.

This change impacts the selection process of markup and distribution, making it much quicker and more straightforward to select fares.

The new selection page proposes five fields to search for the desired fare data:
– Carrier Code e.g. VS, BA, KL etc.
– Tariff Number e.g. 0903, 0864, 0901 etc.
– Rule Number e.g. GB10, GB34, ANLI, T2GB   etc.
– Office Updater e.g. ATP etc.
– Fare Category  e.g. ‘New Fare To Be Reviewed’, ‘Active Selling Fare To be Reviewed’ etc.

Once the desired data has been input then clicking on’ search’ will return the matching fare data in a table.
This table can then be used to further filter data based on criteria such as Location, Fare Class, Effective Date, Sell, and Ticket etc.

At which point a user can select a line to update the associated selling record in the usual way.
Multi-selection is available: it is possible to select several fare lines within the same fare category and change their status at once.

Finding all ‘New Fare to be Reviewed’ without having to search by each individual carrier
If you wish to see all ‘New Fare to be Reviewed’ for all airlines in one go (i.e. without selecting each individual carrier) this can be done by choosing ‘New Fare to be Reviewed’ in the drop down box on the right hand side under the ‘Fare Category’ drop down field and leaving the ‘Carrier Code’ field blank. This will then only show all the airlines that have a ‘New Fare to be Reviewed’ as below (as below).

If you do not do the above and instead start with selecting a ‘Carrier Code’ then it will show all carriers for which you have any fares in any ‘Fare Category’ and you will have to search for ‘New Fare to be Reviewed’ by each individual carrier in turn.

Further Information
The Amadeus FareXpert Mark-up & Distribution User Guide – June2018 has now been updated to reflect this new enhancement and is available to view on the Amadeus Service Hub (ASH) here

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