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Published on: Jul 26 2017 by Gaelle Dehors

Here’s a situation: you’ve just landed in Beijing airport, withdrew cash (the ATM interface is in English), and found the taxi station, then what? If you forgot to print out the address in Chinese for the driver, you may be in for a long ride.
How are you assisting your travellers going to the airport, the train station, the port, their final destination?
Getting to the airport, finding you way in an unknown city, in another language can be stressful for even the most seasoned traveller. This may explain why 54 million travellers (in the US) used a prearranged transfer service at a spend of nearly $1.7 billion in 2015*.
Why not start servicing them with transfers? We can help you arrange the first and last-mile of a traveller… and everything in between.

Amadeus Transfer Hub is a multi-provider solution covering more than 1,000 destinations in 142 markets. It launches today with a range of ground transport partners including Blacklane, Taxi Tender, World Airport Transfer and Talixo with additional content providers set to be added over the coming months.
The solution is available across desktop, mobile and Web Service applications:

  • For Selling Platform Connect, you have nothing to do: just click on ‘More Content’ and start booking! You can find the quick card here for more details.
  • For Selling Platform, nothing either: just click on the tab. You can find the quick card here for more details.
  • For AeTM, you just need to request the Integrated Partner through the standard process.
  • It is also available for implementation in your own application using Web Services (standard WBS application fee applies)

What are you waiting for: have a go at it!
Using the Amadeus Transfer Hub is FREE of charge through agent front office and self-booking tool. The currently available rates are the public rates. The provider is the merchant and their terms and conditions can be found here.
Want to do more with it?
Contact your Account Manager who can provide access to negotiated fares (commissionable or net) and the contract material needed.


* Source: Phocuswright Report: Hail This! The Transformation of the Ground Transportation Experience for Travel. March 2016

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