Itineraries and e-ticket receipts to include ‘GDPR’ data protection policy text

Published on: Mar 16 2018 by Neil Canning

Not heard of GDPR?

A bit of a mouth full I have to admit.

It’s actually the acronym for General Data Protection Regulation which covers new EU data protection legislation which is due to come into force during the first half of this year.

This legislation covers many facets of data protection, not just for travel.

Amadeus Itinerary and e-ticket receipt documents

This post focuses solely on our front office itinerary and e-ticket receipt solutions.

By this I am referring to plain text or Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document versions of the traveller itinerary and e-ticket receipt documents which you can display, print or email from within an Amadeus booking using Amadeus entries.

As part of the EU mandate, we are incorporating a short paragraph which provides a brief summary of the privacy policy and a link to follow to find out more information.

If you use an alternative solution for itinerary document management this text will not appear.

When will the privacy policy paragraph start appearing?
26th March 2018

  • Plain Text Itinerary
  • Dynamic Travel Document Itinerary

27th March 2018

  • Plain Text e-Ticket Receipt
  • Dynamic Travel Document e-Ticket Receipt

What does the wording say?





More Information

If you would like to see examples of all 4 document types, please refer to the explanations on Amadeus Service Hub.

For information on Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents please check out our Amadeus Portfolio Essentials pages .

Alternatively please contact your local Amadeus representative.

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