Low Cost Carriers – From the UK and Beyond

Published on: Mar 22 2018 by Stuart Oxby

You’re based in the UK and you’re selling to travellers in the UK. So it’s understandable that your main interest in Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) is in airlines operating to and from the United Kingdom. The good news is there are many available in Amadeus, such as easyJet (U2), Norwegian Air International (D8), Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY), Norwegian UK (DI), Vueling (VY), Pegasus (PC), Jet2 (LS), Eurowings (EW), Transavia (HV) and Airarabia Maroc (3o) to name but a few.

However, many LCCs available in Amadeus offer extensive flight networks for a given country, region or inter-regionally. So don’t miss out by ignoring LCCs just because they don’t operate to or from the UK, instead they could be operating within or between your destinations.

Here are just a few examples of the breadth of LCC content available on Amadeus for carriers that do not operate to the UK;

AirAsia Group consists of AirAsia Berhad (AK), Thai AirAsia (FD), Indonesia AirAsia (QZ), Philippines AirAsia (Z2), AirAsia India (I5), AirAsiaX (D7) and Thai AirAsiaX (XJ). These carriers are available in Amadeus Light Ticketing and operate across Asia and beyond. For more information please look at the GGAIRAK page or at the Air Asia Quick Card  on the Amadeus Service Hub here.

GOL (G3) – Operating a comprehensive network across Brazil but also selected flight routes to other South American countries. They are a Full Ticketing carrier with payment via BSP.

Virgin Australia (VA) – Offering a range of domestic routes across Australia as well as international flights in conjunction with codeshare partners. They are a Full Ticketing carrier with payment via BSP.

Sun Country (SY) – offers routes mainly across the United States including destinations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Tampa and Miami to name but a selected few. They are a Full Ticketing carrier with payment via BSP.

To see the growing range of Low Cost and Hybrid carriers available on Amadeus why not check out our infographic here.

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