Low Cost Carriers in Amadeus – No big deal but a big opportunity!

Published on: Mar 05 2018 by Stuart Oxby

Low Cost Carrier (LCC) content on Amadeus allows you to offer a more diverse and cost efficient set of travel options for your customers in a fast, efficient and profitable manner. How? Well there are many reason but let’s start with just a few…

1. It’s quick and easy
Amadeus offers a fully automated booking flow that makes booking LCCs as easy as booking Full Service Carriers (FSCs).

To see how easy it is to make a booking using Amadeus Light Ticketing please click here for a demo video, quick reference sheet and more. Alternatively you can refer to the help pages using HE LT.

2. It’s integrated
LCCs are integrated into the neutral availability display. This gives you greater efficiency and visibility through mid and back office reporting. LCCs will display alongside FSCs to allow you to make easy comparisons about booking patterns.

3. There’s great content available
Amadeus customers in the UK can book 80 Low Cost Carriers including easyJet (U2),  Norwegian Air International (D8), Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY), Norwegian UK (DI), Vueling (VY), Pegasus (PC), Jet2 (LS), Eurowings (EW), Air Asia (AK), Transavia (HV), Virgin Australia (VA), WestJet (WS), WOW Air (WW) and Airarabia Maroc (3O) to name but a few.

To see the growing range of Low Cost and Hybrid carriers available on Amadeus why not check out our infographic here

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