Low Cost Carriers – why you need to get onboard!

Published on: Mar 05 2018 by Stuart Oxby

Historically, Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) were sometimes thought of as offering “cheap and (maybe not so) cheerful” travel with limited service and limited choice of routes. But how things have changed! Low Cost Carriers today have become an essential part of the travel agent’s toolkit.  Here’s the top 5 reasons why you need to be offering them:

1. Competitive Prices
They still offer cheap headline prices but they also offer a range of fares to meet the needs of different types of traveller. Just look at easyJet with their Standard fare, Inclusive Leisure fare (only available on the GDS with seat choice and hold luggage included) and Flexi fare. LCCs allow you to offer a greater choice to your customers.

2. A la carte Services
Paid Seats, extra luggage, Fast Track, Priority boarding, upgraded meals and more. The growth of ancillary services was driven by the LCCs.  It’s a great way to personalise your travel offer for each customer.

3. Niche Networks
A LCC like Air Arabia Maroc operates, as their name suggests, to Morocco from the UK, which is perfect if you’re looking for choice on a specific route. Other LCCs like easyJet, Norwegian or Air Asia offer expanding networks covering the main airports of key cities. Additionally, they may fly to regional airports or directly on routes not served by traditional Full Service Carriers (FSCs) e.g. non-stop Manchester to Malaga. Where one LCC may not meet your needs, there’s probably another that does.

4. Low cost long-haul
Norwegian Airlines operates a growing number of long-haul destinations in the United States (New York, Seattle, Los Angeles to name just a few) as well as Singapore and Buenos Aires. Whilst WestJet can offer seasonal travel from Gatwick to Toronto or Calgary. AirAsiaX can offer Kuala Lumpur to the likes of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

5. Something for everyone
Today’s LCCs are an accepted option for both business and leisure travellers, firmly established as an alternative means of air travel alongside full service and hybrid carriers.

There’s no doubting that Low Cost carriers are here to stay. They’re established in the minds of passengers and available to book on Amadeus. To see the LCCs available using Amadeus please click here. Happy booking!

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