New Year, new graphical resolution for All Fares with our first Sell Connect release of 2018

Published on: Feb 27 2018 by Neil Canning

Eat better, exercise more, spend less money, get more sleep and read more books.

If only.

And no these are not Doctors orders. Though in my case they definitely should be.

In fact according to pollsters YouGov these were this year’s top five New Year resolutions.

Are any of yours still going strong? Me? No comment.

With February soon drawing to a close, those regular gym goers amongst you have probably already seen off the annual flourish of January joiners.

Been there (new Joiner), done that (dropped out before Easter and continued to pay the monthly fees for the rest of the year – ouch)

New All Fares Interface

At Amadeus we are introducing our first new Selling Platform Connect releases for 2018 with a slightly different type of resolution.

You could call it a graphical resolution as we introduce a brand new All Fares interface as part of this latest 21.1 release on 28th February.

The new interface simplifies the fare results screen making it much easier to identify and select applicable flight options.

In addition content rich fare family descriptions have been incorporated into the All Fares work flow, making it even easier to recommend and book the right fare for your clients.

Take a look for yourself by clicking here to view a quick demo of the new interface.

Additional Highlights of Sell Connect Release 21.1

Full 21.1 release notes due in production can be found on the Amadeus Service Hub here


  • Graphical option to price ancillary services
  • Third party notification feature for Indian GST tax regime


  • Hold and automatic cancel for rates with a credit line payment
  • Cancellation policy included in comparison feature

Booking File

  • Contact element descriptions
  • Copy booking file option


  • New personal settings to determine graphic or cryptic displays for Refunds, TSMs and Seat Maps

Rail Display

  • SNCF: (TGV and Inter City) Warning message for any unconfirmed rail services
  • SNCF: Access to CA50, 51, 52 & 53 Cognes fares
  • SNCF: Retrieve railcard from booking file option
  • Deutsche Bahn (DB): Form of ID info relaxation for online DB tickets
  • Swedish Rail: New complex itinerary management features

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