Pricing information on seatmaps for Light Ticketing carriers is now available

Published on: Apr 05 2018 by Stuart Oxby

Selling the right seat that suits the requirements of your customer has always been important. To choose the right seat, knowing the price of the seat is one of the main criteria along with knowing the seat characteristics.
With the introduction of prices on the seat maps for Light Ticketing carriers, Amadeus has started sending the pricing information along with the seat map information to offline travel agencies using the Selling platform Classic and Connect graphical seat maps and online travel agencies using Web Services to access Light ticketing content.

In the below example, from Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, pricing is now showing on an AirAsia seat for a SIN-KUL flight along with the seat characteristics that were already previously returned.

Offline travel agents (using graphical seat map) and online travel agents using Amadeus Web Services will be able to receive pricing information of the seats on the seat map for those light ticketing carriers supporting seat map request.

Carriers Available
Transavia (HV/TO), Gerrmanwings/Eurowings (4U/EW), AirAsia (AK) and its subsidiaries, easyJet (U2).
Jet2 (LS) and Spring China (9C) currently do not offer seat map functionality.

Implementation Information
Light Ticketing must be enabled for the travel agent’s office ID.
Seat prices can only be displayed after itinerary has been priced and a Transitional Stored Ticket has been created.
Seat characteristics of the seat map is already returned when a seat map request is made.

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