Ryanair (FR) to stop offering 15KG check-in bag

Published on: Sep 12 2017 by Stuart Oxby

Ryanair (FR) have informed us that they have now stopped offering a 15KG check-in bag. We have therefore removed this option for Ryanair with immediate effect.

Please note that Ryanair have also advised us that all existing bookings with a 15KG pre-booked bag will be honoured.

Going forward passengers can still add a 20KG bag if the passenger wishes to buy a check-in bag for their journey.

As a reminder, the codes that can be used to book Ryanair bags are:

– 1 bag (20 KG in total): ABAG-20KG
– 2 bags (40KG in total*): ABAG-20KG followed by BBAG-20KG
– 3 bags (60KG in total*): ABAG-20KG followed by BBAG-20KG followed by CBAG-20KG

*Total weight includes the free baggage allowance and cannot exceed 60KG

For any further questions you may have, please feel free to contact your Amadeus Account Managers

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