Travel Agencies: Accelerate LCC bookings with a streamlined process

Published on: Feb 01 2018 by Stuart Oxby

At Amadeus we’re here to help travel agencies streamline processes when booking LCCs (low-cost carriers and hybrid carriers) through our platform. Why? We’ve said it before and it is still true: speed and efficiency creates more time to run a successful agency business. In the world of travel, this gives agents more chances to reach out and capture opportunities. And this can mean everything in a highly competitive marketplace.

Did you know that LCCs have reached 28% share of all global seats? (CAPA: Jan-May 2017)

We now have 100 LCCs integrated into our global systems and most are available to UK agents with easyJet, Norwegian Airlines, Jet2, Pegasus and Vueling to name but a few. This means travel agencies can enjoy the following benefits:

Book LCCs faster & turn cost-savings into profit
• 5x faster than LCC websites
• 2x as fast as aggregator sites
• 3x quicker on changes than any other booking application

These time savings mean real money for agencies:
• £3 saving on a round trip
• £5 cost saving on re-bookings and changes

Travel agencies can book 80% of all LCCs seats globally through Amadeus. And we are adding new carriers every year.

Air Arabia Maroc (3o) has recently joined the list of LCCs on Amadeus whilst existing LCCs are innovating and developing what they already offer agents, just look at Air Asia and it’s ‘FLY-THRU’ offering which it is currently rolling out so conveniently allowing passengers to transfer from one flight  to another when transiting without the hassle of going through immigration processing and having to collect their baggage. We invest heavily in content and functionalities and our platform features even more dynamic offers and many new enhancements, thus helping travel agencies accelerate the pace of their LCC business.

Not only does this help improve bottom lines, but it also boosts customer loyalty. The Amadeus platform can tackle any change the customer wants and overcome disruptions. If your customers have peace of mind, then you turn into their trusted travel partner and win their hearts. It’s that simple.

Our belief and purpose is based on maximum efficiency to improve how travel agencies operate. You can find what your customers want in one place and you can issue tickets in a few key strokes. It’s faster, easier, and more profitable. Why spend your valuable time looking for and comparing LCC fares on a number of websites? You can do this on one screen with Amadeus.

Accelerating the pace of your LCC sales is easy when you simply use the power you have at your fingertips. Trends are accelerating and we see 88% growth in LCCs bookings over the past 4 years. Be one of the travel agencies that capitalises on this trend.

Visit the Amadeus Travel Agencies website here to learn more about our LCC offers.

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